Good posture comes from strong muscles, flexibility and good spine alignment states Christine Axel certified Pilates Instructor at Pilates Ft Lauderdale.

When the pelvis is in a neutral position (not tilted forward or backward) and the spine is aligned with an even distribution of weight, “there is less fatigue and less pain,” she points out. When vertebrae have the maximum space between each other, discs are not pinched.

Excellent posture also aids other body parts. Lungs have more oxygen, so the person finds it easier to breathe. With more room for the stomach and intestines, digestion is better. The person may have increased productivity with better cognitive skills and be happier and more confident, according to Axel’s research and experience.

Many factors can cause bad posture: a sedentary lifestyle, being overweight, having poor vision (if you lean forward to see), perhaps cellphones and other tech devices, depression or unhappiness about being tall.

Some careers are detrimental as well if slouching is a hazard: truck drivers, body builders (who have overdeveloped muscles that can’t lengthen) and anyone who works at computers for long periods of time.

Christine predicts poor posture “is going to be a huge (health) problem in 10, 15 years. I blame it on cellphones and sitting at computers.

What is good posture? Christine defines it as “your ear over your shoulder over your hip, knee and ankle. It’s a vertical line.” “Your body is a chain that goes from top to bottom and wraps from front to back … everything must be in balance.”

Great posture doesn’t just happen. Muscles must be engaged. Leg quads must be squeezed for support, abdominals have to be pulled in and shoulders back. “To have good posture you have to have joints aligned and muscles and tendons in balance so nothing is over tense or over strong vs. … weak.”

Pilates is an amazing exercise that builds lean, toned and well-balanced muscles to bring the body back into balance.

Christine Axel teaches Pilates at Pilates Fort Lauderdale. Sign up for a class today or call 954-309-2400.




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