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Just like no two trees are alike, no two bodies are alike and what works for someone else may not necessarily work for you. That’s why we take a personal approach to your success. Each new client begins with sessions to determine their range of motion, their flexibility, and identify potential muscular and skeletal imbalances. Then we design a custom program that will allow your body to better respond to your Pilates training.


Christine provides you with personalized attention and the support you need to ensure you get the most out of each workout. As your body becomes stronger and more efficient, your program changes to include new exercises that will continue to keep you challenged and seeing results.

Christine Axel Founder of  Pilates Fort Lauderdale earned her Classical Pilates Certification from Power Pilates.

Pilates Fort Lauderdale

Pilates Fort Lauderdale



Christine’s strong entrepreneurial background combined with her passion for fitness lead her to create Pilates Fort Lauderdale  where she could share her passion for fitness with her clients.

Christine began her fitness entrepreneur endeavors with Sun Splash Skate and Bike rentals located on Fort Lauderdale Beach in 1993 after four successful years of business; she sold the business and moved on to Real Estate Investments and Sales. Never losing her passion for fitness, Christine enjoys Mountain Biking, Paddle Boarding, and Tennis.

Christine focuses her Pilates teaching on injury prevention, correcting muscular imbalances and strengthening the core. She is known for a supportive teaching style and her strong knowledge of Anatomy and physical alignment.

Christine believes, acute body awareness and a deep mind-body connection grant us the ability to tap into our body’s restorative potential.

Christine’s knowledge of Pilates coupled with her patience and dedication make her a highly sought after South Florida Pilates instructor.



Paddle Board Pilates With Christine

Certified Power Pilates Instructor

IDEA Member

PMA Member

TPI Golf Specialist





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