Pilates has proven to be effective in improving strength, flexibility, range of motion, balance and stability after suffering an injury or from chronic disorders. The benefits of a Pilates-based rehabilitation program under the supervision of your Physician and certified Pilate’s instructor is remarkable. The repertoire of exercises can be modified and constructed to tailor to the individual needs of an elite athlete or an elderly individual.

With its gentle, whole-body approach to recovery, Pilates is a good choice for clients with back pain.

Pilates Fort Lauderdale

Pilates Fort Lauderdale

Eighty percent of Americans experience back pain at one time or another. The discomfort can range from mild to severe or debilitating. Men and women are equally affected, and the pain can be caused by sedentary living, aging or overuse.

Often, people are told to strengthen their abdominal muscles to fix a back problem. However, traditional crunches usually strengthen only the outer layers of the abdominal musculature, specifically the rectus abdominous, while bypassing the deep support structures. This can place the lumbar spine in too much flexion and may even exacerbate back pain, depending on what the original physical problem was. If the deeper stabilizers of the lumbar spine—the transversus abdominis and multifidus—are not properly trained, they cannot alleviate the pain or stabilize the spine.

Current research suggests it is important to facilitate stability of the lumbar spine by strengthening  deep stabilizer muscles .

It is also important to restore the neutral alignment of the joints that make up the lumbopelvic region. Pain occurs when muscles become imbalanced or dysfunctional, thereby losing their effectiveness as stabilizers. When this occurs, the core muscles cannot support the vertebrae in the spine during everyday movements. Other, more superficial muscles, like the rectus abdominis and external oblique’s, must take over and try to do their work. Since these large muscles cannot stabilize the small, independent joints of the spine, this often results in compressive forces on the intervertebral disks.


Pilates, with its focus on body awareness and proper alignment, can be beneficial for people recovering from low-back injuries or experiencing low-back pain.

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